Marada’s Dispatches: Heirloom pumpkins, organic apples, and what happened to BLTs around here?

A few weeks ago I took a public stab at the office lunches around here.  What can I say? I was ‘inspired’ by Slow Foods $5 meal challenge, and stories they posted of businesses that had started lunch coops, etc.  The crew immediately explained how our meal habits fuel the local economy (especially since there’s only one store in this town).

Don’t get me wrong, I agree that our Dagwoods, BLT’s, and late-night pizza’s while packing have an impact on our neighborhood that our best of sustainable lunchboxes would not.  But just for fun, I made a lunch or two.  And then Leah made a lunch or two.  And then Katrina, our 21 year old warehouse superwoman, decided she’d make a lunch.

In her words:

“My dad was like, ‘Katrina, what are you doing? That knife you have is waaaaay to big. Are you sure you don’t want a smaller one like this?” He holds up a paring knife and I compare it to my cleaver. I was like, ‘Dad, I think I’m just going to be fine.  I brought all this stuff and I got it all planned out.’  Determined is what I was feeling. I even chopped it the cool way you would see on The Food Network .”

I said, ‘I want it all done like on the shows so I don’t have to spend the rest of my life in here.’

‘Well kiddo, I hate to tell ya but this ain’t TV.’ No truer words were spoken. That chicken took a long time and time was all I had now that everything else done. Ug.

Around midnight Dad finally gave me the go ahead and I removed my now very aromatic soup from the heat. Challenge met.”

Katrina’s stew was, of course, fantastic.  She gives dad the credit for the salt and pepper.   But she gets the credit for the initiative.  To read her full (and funny) report, check out the Crown O’Maine Blog

And now, I lay my lunch case to rest.  We still eat BLT’s.  But we don’t have to.



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