Marada’s Dispatches: Long Pie Pumpkins, Cippolini Onions, and Parsnips to Spare!

As we all try to complete (or start) those projects we thought we’d finish by September, we do away with the grill and the picnic basket and drag out the stock pot.

At Crown O’Maine, we’re working double time to launch our vegetable processing facility in Aroostook.  ‘Northern Girl’ rolls out with a line of cut and peeled vegetables starting November 1st…be looking for solutions for your kitchen (whatever the size) in the weeks to come.  Peeled/cut carrot sticks, diced potatoes, a roasting vegetable medley, and peeled/sliced beets are some of the products on the agenda.  Tomorow Leah gives Northern Girl a five minute pitch at the Slow Money National Gathering in San Francisco.  You can watch it live (along with innovative food entrpreneurs from all over the country) at 12:30PM our time at

Don’t be late – in the practice run, the organizers liked Maine and Northern Girl so much – they stuck us first in the line-up!

When you place your orders this week,you’ll be helping us reach our goal of $1 million in sales by November 15th – five weeks ahead of last year.  We’ve got some pretty big goals for this little food company, and all of them ride on your weekly orders.  Thanks to your help ‘Making It Happen’ in Maine – folks are watching us all around the country!


(Editor’s Note: I’m late posting these-you won’t see the live-streaming, but do check out Slow Money–Leah)


About crownofmainecoop

We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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