Marada’s Dispatches: Veggie Boxes Successful and available; Aroostook, Bethel, Conway, this is your order week!

Yesterday was the annual Maine Ag Trade Show – always a fun event as it is the intertidal network zone of organic and conventional farmers.  For example, you can get a pesticide applicators credit (which organic farmers need to get too, for organic applications) by learning about food distribution…

A highlight for me was a meeting of participants in the efforts to grow, produce, market, mill, and improve Maine’s grains.  I know a lot about Maine agriculture, but certainly not everything, and I was especially interested in what Tate McPherson had to say about the current brokering of Aroostook grain crops (mostly to Canada).  Some shifts in our food system (and grain, believe it or not, has a lot more to do with milk and meat than bread) are large projects – seeing a table of 18 participants eager to work on the issues was encouraging.

Some updates that you need to read, especially if you are wondering when you are supposed to order:

The veggie box was a great success – and is available again this week! The veggie box is tailored to offer small quanitites of 10 produce items for 1-2 people.  Email us for the contents list.The price is $25.  Inspiration for these boxes came from Chebeague Island Food Coop who not only buys boxes for themselves, but also for seniors on the Island!

If you are interested in ordering and you live in Washington or Aroostook County, or the Bethel/North Conway NH neck of the woods, then Thursday is the day you should be ordering for delivery the following Thursday (excepting Aroostook, which is the following Monday).

Thanks for your help in organizing so we all stay solvent in the New Year!

Looking forward to your orders tomorrow,



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We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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