Marada’s Dispatches: More food than ever, check out the new Crown O’ Maine products …

Editor’s Note:  Still catching up on my updates, so be aware this is the past few weeks, not actually today.


Here’s Marada:

My poor little salesgirl heart usually sinks this time of year as we have less and less to offer as winter vegetables disappear.  However, this year is markedly different.  New products are flying out of the woodwork!

Fiddler’s Green has milled and blended a ‘Baker’s Blend’ of 50% Maine whole wheat (grown by Aurora Mills & Farm) and 50% Natural Way Mills organic white flour.  This is available in 5# bags for retail with a nice label.  It is also available in 50# bags.

Northern Girl is cranking and although the quality of the fresh carrots reaches the end of the season (see the note in the produce section regarding carrots), the quality on our frozen Chantenays is spectacular.

Maple’s Gelato has Maine Maple back on the list and also a new flavor – Mexican Chocolate! This is made with Taza Chocolate (produced in Massachusetts) and hints of cinnamon and cayenne.  Mmmm.

We have made MOO Milk 2% available by the half gallon to help some of your buying clubs access this great product.

Back by popular demand, but with an intentional shift in style, Misty Meadows eggs have returned on a limited basis.  The extreme price of layer feed (especially in Aroostook County) drove this producer to discontinue his egg business, but love of the project inspired him to ‘keep a few birds’ of the flock.  In discussing the decision to quit selling eggs, James said, “It just seemed that folks didn’t want to pay for it, and feed was going up every shipment.”  We decided to try something:  ‘True Cost’ Eggs.  I asked Misty Meadows to charge us what it costs for them to profitably produce eggs, and not to even try to price competitively.  In my book, keeping these farms in business is our goal, not beating the neighbors’ or the national price.

Please note that Misty Meadows eggs are available by the each, but that we are no longer going to offer Esch or Bowden by less than 30 dozen.  Part of ‘True Cost’ is making a good call when repacking is costing Crown O’Maine.  Splitting the 30 dozens down to 15 is laborious and the right egg boxes are expensive.  We hope you can understand our need to change the program as well.

And finally, we are thrilled to have Thibodeau Farm’s handbrushed red and yukon potatoes back on the list.  This organic farm does it  right.  You will see the difference.  We also have some interesting varieties including the popular Desiree and Red Maria available for the upcoming months.



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We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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