Marada’s Dispatches: Jonagold apples, Lemon yogurt, Local Food Retailers check it out …

Today we are on the hunt for turnip recipes.  Now don’t jump to conclusions.  This is NOT because St Patty’s Day is coming quick. In fact, Crown O’Maine is sold out of fresh turnips.

We still have a couple pallets worth of Northern Girl’s diced frozen turnips. And, we are charged with generating a few recipes for the Northern Girl packaging so we can roll it off the press.

Got any ideas?  I am gaining a reputation as being a turnip-hater around the shop.  Whenever the medley is roasted up, I want to ex the turnips.  When it comes time for labeling, the turnips get the short end of the stick, as far as I’m concerned.  So if you are one of those talented and inspired cooks who loves turnips and knows just what to do with it besides the usual – this just may be your moment of glory.  I am on my knees, save us from being stuck with Chris and Northern Girl’s gorgeously cut, peeled, and packed turnips.  We have both purple top and gilfeather.

I don’t promise to personally try every suggestion, but I will definitely try a few.  It seems to me they should somehow be able to work with plum vinegar.

Speaking of vinegar, stay tuned next week for Maine’s Greener Cleaner updates.

Talk to you Thursday,



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