Marada’s Dispatches: Katahdin Potatoes, Greener Cleaner, Maine Fresh Pies, and Village Farm microgreens …

(Editor’s Note: Yep. I’m behind again. Bear with me while I get them posted. –Leah)

First off, thanks a lot to the 5! people who emailed in turnip recipes, including a link to this blog The Bitten Word, this recipe for black radish, daikon, or turnip with chicken thighs, this classic, yet delicious suggestion from Maine General Hospital’s Tobby Bragdon:

Quick & Easy Turnips

Turnip, diced large ones
Mushrooms, mixture of, or button only -whole
Onions, large pieces
White wine
salt & pepper

Directions: Roast & Yum.

The concensus seems to be to cook turnips in dry heat, with a small amount of olive oil.  None of this boil and mash approach.

As for this week:  Pay attention to the following:

Greener Cleener:  At the bottom of the sheet is a new line of natural cleaners made here in Maine.  We’ve used them.  The almond in particular is a great pick.

Village Farm Microgreens:  If you remember how great these are from last season, I need say no more.  If you didn’t try them last year, well, I need say no more.
Maine Fresh Seafood Pies are back on the list.  Buy them this week as the price is scheduled to increase slightly shortly!

Northern Girl has beets ready to roll!  Shredded, julienned, sliced, and in a Root Veggie Slaw.  Take your pick, they are awesome.  For anyone who has slathered their kitchen in beetness while grating by hand, you will love this!  In the slaw the beets are packaged seperately from the carrots, turnips, and rutabaga so your slaw colors perfectly when you mix it together with your favorite vinaigrette.

Eat Up!  Order Up!



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