Marada’s Dispatches: Marada’s twin on stages across Maine, fiddleheads arrive, cream cheese and fromage blanc are back … and so much more!

I am torn.  I have 9 new or returned products to highlight.  And a twin sister. Which do I write about?

I believe in promoting family shamelessly, especially when she has the good grace to credit Crown O’Maine with her success.  One woman playing 30 characters, in 3 shows, at several venues around Maine.  See the Schedule.  It’s easier to predict her whereabouts than fiddleheads, but those are arriving at Crown O’Maine next week, too.

Most days, I work a bit like the Wizard of Oz….behind a shimmering curtain, mostly over-the-phone, keeping a strange little world together but rarely appearing at a location near you.  A bit like acting.  My twin sister, however, just gets right out in front of folks and does her thing.  In both scenarios, magic occurs. A little light, a couple hundred phone calls, some Jordan’s Farm Strawberry Vinaigrette…and pesto! Olivia’s pesto, that is. (Also back!)

My family grew up in Auburn before moving to Aroostook County in 1993.  Ironically, many of Rivera’s shows are in Lewiston. Adding another layer of irony is Lewiston’s thriving farmer’s market and many local food supporters – the reason we moved north was to escape a deteriorating post-industrial mill city.  Lewiston has become a different place in 19 years.  Or maybe the Cook family has.

Rivera moved to Santa Cruz after college and for many years explored setting down a different set of roots. Leah and I have spent the last three years rooting ever more firmly to Maine’s food and people.  Rivera’s homecoming isn’t the only return at hand.  O’Meara Farm is back in action with their organic mozzarella, cream cheese, and yogurts.  Chive bunches are in from Village Farm.  Asparagus is around the corner.

Just as I make sure certain produce items sell when they are coming in for a very short season, I really hope you’ll see Rivera while she’s here.  You can preview her on YouTube.  I will be sending out her (very nice) flyers with orders next week.  If  you don’t mind supporting Crown O’Maine’s littlest Cook kid (actually the oldest, but smallest), share them around!  Make sure to go see her in action.

It’s kind of like seeing me.  Except I don’t have dreads.  And she doesn’t have 3 kids.  And I can’t sing.  Or act.  Or dance.

But I can find you early fiddleheads….



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