Marada’s Dispatches: Port Clyde Fish Fillets … Green Garlic Scape Pesto … Thai Coconut Gelato …

(Editor’s Note: I’ve been driving for Louise, who went off to Las Vegas and hopefully didn’t lose her shirt. So I’m behind a week on Marada’s notes. This is last week’s, and this week’s will be up in a momentito. –Leah)

Last month Chris Hallweaver emailed to say, “I’m on my second tub of garlic scape pesto.  This batch is wonderful.  It’s a little on the dry side compared to first batch I tried – but oh so very much more garlicky. I’m lovin it.   It’s going on everything today, from this morning’s potatoes, to lunchtime wraps, a dab along with shredded cheese in my lentils, to simply spread on pita bread.  Who’s buying it?  Any fans yet?  Every chef should have a tub in their kitchen.”

Now, I know he’s the GM at Northern Girl, a dear friend, and an adventurous type to boot, but I did not pay him to say that.  I think my response was something along the lines of, “Thanks, Chris, sure, I’ll push it harder when we are out of fresh garlic.”

Well folks, we are out of fresh garlic, but honestly I should have pushed garlic scape puree all winter.  It’s taste is very much that of mild and fresh green garlic, not over-bearing at all, and definitely distinct from bulb garlic.  The texture is dry, not oily, as we intended it to be used as an ingredient rather than a spread.  We used just enough organic olive oil to get the scapes through the chopper.  Neither ‘pesto’ or ‘puree’ is really the right word for this mince, but since minced garlic is so, well, pathetic, we didn’t want to confuse the issue.

Since Duckfat’s own Missy just won ‘Chopped’, we thought we’d (first, congratulate her!) and offer up a little challenge of our own – what can YOU do with this Maine grown mystery ingredient? Try it out!

For those up for a real challenge, order a free sampe of ‘stypes’.  Best recipe wins a pint of their favorite Maple’s gelato.  It’s not ten grand, but you can have bragging rights.


PS.  Don’t forget to look for the NEW Maple’s flavors on the sheet. Spring Dug Sunchokes.  European Cukes.  Frozen Blackberries. 6 kinds of sustainable fish. Tatsoi.


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