Marada’s Dispatches: Cherry Tomatoes, Moose Bee Granola, Jacob’s Cattle Tempeh, Kale, and more …

Rivera’s SHOW, now that I have seen it for myself, is truly worth a trip to Lewiston, Portland, or Winter Harbor.  Dreads like that don’t come to Maine every day, let alone bring 15 characters to life on stage!

On the subject of characters with gorgeous dreads, Jaime Berhanu of Lalibella Farm called today to say that their Jacob’s Cattle Bean Tempeh is ready for sale.  This tempeh is made with Maine organic heirloom beans from Green Thumb Farm in Fryeburg.  For those of you who have been following the news of the salmonella outbreak linked to tempeh starter in North Carolina, Jaime reports that their clean tempeh starter comes from a triple-tested source in Tennesee.  Yet another reason to buy local – despite the fact that tempeh starter is made in the state bordering their own, the tempeh starter in question in North Carolina came from Indonesia.

One of the core values we have at Crown O’Maine is to support the use of local ingredients.  Unlike Wicked Whoopies (whose ’employees are their Maine ingredient’), we believe that a better food economy is built from the soil up.  That’s why we honor companies like Maple’s Gelato, Maine Fresh, Thirty Acre Farm, Heiwa Tofu, and Betsy’s of Maine who all use Maine ingredients, employ Mainers, and process right here in Maine.  That’s why we support companies like Morgan’s Mills and Fiddler’s Green, who are incorporating Maine ingredients as they become available, and companies like Pastor Chuck’s Orchard, who is making plans to bring his processing BACK into Maine despite having outsourced in previous years (he has always used Maine organic apples).

It doesn’t do any good to remodel our consumer behavior, transform our distribution system, realign our seasonal expectations, only to stop short of investing both behind and ahead of the farm movement.  Buying food with Maine grown ingredients supports a true-cost food system.  And utilizing local ingredients offers additional options for farms.  ‘Good Taste From the Ground Up’ is Northern Girl’s tagline – we cannot exercise good taste more effectively than through intelligent selection of what we put in our mouths.

Your support of our producers through buying their food makes an entire system stand on solid ground.  Our value-added  (that’s right, value-added) food producers add their value to the goodness that was grown here in Maine.

Now that’s putting your money where your mouth is.



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We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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