Marada’s Dispatches: Product List from Crown O’ Maine

(Editor’s Note: This is last week’s Dispatch, a new one will be posted for this week.


If you know that another person in your team/staff orders, receives, or expects delivery from Crown O’Maine in some way, please verify that they receive these emails as well.  While the routing changes are working, we were surprised by who among you was surprised that their delivery day had changed!  This email list is our most effective way to communicate important ideas, and important changes!

For those who missed last week’s memo, click on the link below for the new schedule:


Due to heavy rains and cloudy skies, please be aware that some items (tomatoes, for a major example) are not available this week.  Green garlic is, though.  Ask for a discount on large volumes on that one and I’ll see what I can do.

Our customer base is growing, which is a wonderful thing, most of the time.  One of the drawbacks is that I can no longer list an item that is available but far too limited to prevent widespread disappointment.  If you are a customer that thrives on adventure, feel free to ask for the specials list over the phone – we almost always have something up our sleeve.



About crownofmainecoop

We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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