Marada’s Dispatches: Strawberries are in, escarole, swiss chard, and arugula are too…

Maine, in its unconscious splendor, has slid summer out upon us again.  As you restauranteurs know, you seaside markets, cottage farmstands, and hotels poised to dish up local this season – we have been waiting, waiting…and, NOW! School lets out this week in many regions, strawberries are in, our produce section tops 30 items for the first time in months, and of course my mechanical husband has swapped my newer blue Volvo with AC for a fuel efficient, very vintage looking 240 wagon. And, stylish though it is, it is also jet black, no AC.

C’est la vie.  Of a Maine family, that is. Trading goods for cash, wearing old shoes again after refusing to throw them away, making compromises with each change of the season to make it to the next.  This weekend Leah and I and our brother, Skylar, went up to the farm to trim brush in the orchards, touch up the paint on the farmhouse, mow the grass, and enjoy the beauty of Aroostook County in June.  Every year, we admit, it is actually as timeless as we remember.

I would like to think my present down-grade in the vehicle department is unique, but it seems summer here has often come with compromises – weeks of farm work for new clothes as a kid, double-the-potato-beetle-picking in order to ‘earn’ summer camp, even leaving the half-running hand-me-down car behind at college one year to hitch it to the summer job on time.  Balancing work and play means more than time management here.  It means being thrilled with ‘new-to-me’, driving that old car in new directions, happily exploring with little need to spend, and wearing expectations instead of deliverables.  And though we Maine farm kids may long to wear some other brand, how can you outclass the expectation of a Maine summer?

If you are a customer in the far Western Reaches of Maine including Norway, Fryeburg, and Bethel, Friday by noon is your time to order.  Same goes for Aroostook and Washington County Folks!

For those who aren’t sure click below:

Get your orders in by noon on Friday – we have hopes for a fine weekend of adventure in our boiling hot old Volvo!



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