Dispatches from the Past: Surprising items for Oct 1!

(Editor’s  note:  this went out on September 27, 2012. — Leah)

This week’s list contains a few surprises for such a late point in the year – enjoy them.  In particular, peppers are going to disappear by next round, so enjoy them this time!  One of the coolest things I saw at this year’s Common Ground Fair was pepper roaster – made me fantasize about what I could do with hundreds of pounds of organic Maine peppers!  Christmas presents came to mind….one year my mother-in-law gave us all delicious jars of dehydrated pepper flakes from garden peppers – so, so, good.

Next week I get the rare opportunity to join a group of investors and funders (as a tour guide, that is!) traveling to Aroostook County.  Panels of farmers and food producers will introduce and/or expand the picture of Aroostook’s food production possibilities and current realities.  For year’s I’ve enjoyed being one of those who heralds Aroostook as ‘the bread basket of Maine’ (sorry Somerset County, you might have to compete for that title!) and act like no one besides myself and the folks that live there really, truly understand the place’s potential.  Someday soon I might just find myself ‘one of the crowd’ that sees ‘Bounty From the County’ as a common place reality on Maine’s tables.  I do love to be ‘different’ but I guess I can relinquish this one…..

Thank you all for purchasing from farms across the state, making this revitalization a truly statewide movement!



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We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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