Marada’s Dispatches: Brussel Sprouts, peeled butternut squash, Organic Apples (One Shot Deal!)

With such a short organic apple crop, please understand that these 8×5# OG macs are VERY limited.  There are plenty of other AWESOME offerings to get greedy about, such as brussel sprouts on or off the stalk, celeriac, Katahdin potatoes (show some Maine pride with this great spud!), true baby carrots (not the shaved down type!), and Wholesome Valley Farm’s green cabbage which has, honestly, been raved about.
Check them out with the nice new index working this week.

This week you lucky readers also get a  Product help illuminate the challenges and opportunities our producers face, and hopefully lend some insight into Crown O’Maine’s supply chain! Theme of the week: Dairy Issues.  And a few oddballs because I know everyone doesn’t eat dairy.  Produce shipping news, seaweed, read these short notes and over time we will build quite a lively collection of notes related to Maine foods!

Don’t forget to order (from Crown O’Maine, that is) after you finish the digest!

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We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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