Marada’s Dispatches: Asparagus, Fiddleheads, Ramps, Braising Mix…

Ramp-aging goodness...

Ramp-aging goodness…

Folks, there isn’t much that is as exciting as a tidal wave of curly fiddlehead fronds and smooth ramp leaves coming at you from all directions…500# one night, 300# in another couple…one year I heard a single Boston distributor was sitting on 6000# of Maine fiddleheads.   While we believe in moderation, there is a certain hording instinct that kicks in with the availability of wild gathered crops – they’re fleeting, they’re subject to the weather, the water levels, the thieving of other pickers (oh, yes) and the swift unfurling, leaf browning, and inevitable onward motions of the season towards tomatoes and other, bolder, crops.  Eat them now, these shy, but honest, spring stars…


PS. A friend of our family’s is creating a documentary of the heritage and culture of corn production in her region of Mexico…check out the kickstarter campaign HERE.


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We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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