Belated Dispatches: COM ships July 2, 3 &5 – all Thursday deliveries on Friday next week…‏

Editor’s Note:  Well, the best laid schemes of mice and men oft go screaming sideways into the unexpected, to paraphrase Burns. Things got exciting around here shortly after this dispatch, with trucks down, and holiday re-routings, a planned summer schedule shift delayed due to truckage, and lots of midnight oil spent.

But! We managed to pull through with a series of minor miracles, largely due to our stalwart producers, who mobilized the real fleet that moves local food–vans, and pick ups, and rolling ETAs, and our customers, who danced with us and our ever-changing logistical schedule.

I’m behind posting one or two dispatches, which I’ll be posting up. Here’s the one that went out June 27, 2013.


Fourth of July next week – keep in mind if you are a THURSDAY delivery for Crown O’Maine, your delivery day will be moved to FRIDAY.  All other deliveries will follow our SUMMER SCHEDULE.

I’m running out of time to do the post I was hoping to today, but I’ll lead up to it for next week:  In this season of bounty we’re headed into, we’ve been presented with an array of options of products, farm sizes, scales, types, models – each with varying degrees of polish, professionality, sustainability, and values more or less in alignment with our own and also possibly yours.

As we work round the clock stacking orders and picking up farm supplies we planned out in January with growers, we are challenged to better define our values in purchasing, and the direction they (advertently or inadvertently) shape the Maine foodscape towards.    Ownership structures of farms, styles of labor and employees, how ‘family’ a family farm has to be to be authentic, how ‘hip’ does a farmer need to appear  to win  hearts and dollars…

Is any of this definition of priorities necessary or healthy for you, for me, for our company, for our state, nation, and so on?!

The Maine Food Strategy Team has taken on a huge job:  Map out these options, weigh them, collaborate, and come up with a guidance document that helps each person seeing one part of the puzzle conceptualize something that boils down to, essentially, the box top.  I don’t know about you, but I can’t do a puzzle without one.

For today, puzzle that Crown O’Maine order together.  Perfect thing to do on a rainy summer day!



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We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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