Marada’s Dispatches: New, new, new potatoes…fava beans, pattypan, arugula, broccoli raab….‏

Slicing cukes, fava beans, broccoli raab, bok choi, new potatoes, Swedish peanut fingerlings, scallions, thyme, arugula, cherry tomatoes….

Now 4, Ivyn Annie always does things in her own fashion.  If she had her way, she’d stab her local cukes with a dagger, peel them with her teeth, and devour half a box in a sitting.  And there would certainly be teacups involved.  She’s living proof that going local doesn’t always mean going gourmet – and doesn’t necessarily mean one class of eating vs another…

This week’s list offers the best of many worlds – volumes of cukes for any crowd, indisputably gourmet pattypans, a final round of peonies, new potatoes for white food fans of all ages, and a fourth local beef to try, from right here in Vassalboro.

This morning I’m off with the kids (and that sword is going to come in handy) to pick peas for Northern Girl from a trial plot at New Leaf Farm in Durham.  Aroostook County once was home to a massive frozen pea industry.  I’m not promising to bring it back, but maybe a new variation on the theme.  Ivyn’s sword will help her slash pea vines (processing peas are picked by the whole plant, and threshed afterwards) and maybe also preconceptions of what our food, and our future, is supposed to be like.

When I told her during one of the many thunderstorms over the past weeks that the power flickered briefly at the warehouse, she said confidently from the table of her Grammy’s solar home, “That’s because you don’t have enough sunshine, isn’t it?”  Imagine.  A generation coming up that knows nothing but solar.



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