Oct. 10 Dispatch: If potatoes have eyes, why didn’t they spot my mistakes last week?‏

(Editor’s Note: This is the last of the belated dispatches, and I’ll hopefully keep more current as we go forward. –Leah)

Lettuce mix and salad spinach are back…broccoli, chioggia beet, golden beets, red turnips, savoy cabbage, purple carrots, apple chips from Apple Acres, two new teas from Blessed Maine Herb Farm, ginger is back, Camden kale has arrived, lacinato kale,  organic yellow onions, seckle pears, organic bulk potatoes from up North…FALL is here and the list is changing its leaves!

John Alexander, of Sugar Hill Cranberry Farm.

Good Morning!

This week is week 1 of a two-week Crown O’Maine list overhaul.  Every now and again I go through things with a fine tooth comb, check costs and prices, gather up the tendrils of harvests happening around the state, rake it all into a pile (you think I’m being metaphorical, here) and try to create some semblance of order in our offerings.

Like I said, it’s a two-week process.

While some prices have risen and it is a good time to check the list thoroughly, I’ve also noticed that my loyal and regular customers often miss the offerings that are being added by the week to the availability sheet.  For example, only the folks who READ the sheet this week are going to catch that most of the Thirty Acre Farm products are back in supply.  Or the rainbow carrots I slipped in alongside the purple carrots.

I realize I’m giving it away on those.  But not to worry, there are many more to find!

The picture above and my list overhaul are not unrelated.  Here we are, starting our woodstoves as the chill sweetens Brussels sprouts and colors cranberries.  A very loyal buyer calls up from Massachusetts.  Apparently it’s not cold enough there and the cranberries are still coming through pale and with white berries galore.  John and Christine put on their cranberry colored flannel shirts (camouflage is essential for dry-land cranberry hunting) and start their harvest right on time.  The berries are beautiful, red, well graded and packed.

There are times when we can’t see what is right before us on the page, or in the food scape.  Until Christine sent me this photo, I always imagined cranberries a la Ocean Spray – flooded bogs and carpets of red floating atop them.    A request from a buyer who receives our list each week but didn’t know the cranberries were right on it prompted a request for a photo of the color of the cranberries.  This photo, in turn, shifted my whole image of how these berries reach our door.

(And definitely explained how friends over the years could pick wild cranberries without a boat or hip-length waders.)

Don’t be a white cranberry in a carpet of gorgeous red.   Get your orders in by noon on Friday!



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