Dispatches from the Past: Oh, think how hungry you WILL be a week from Thanksgiving… order up!‏

(Editor’s Note: So, big news in this dispatch as well. I’m starting to feel better myself about my lackadaisical blog updating. We’ve been damn busy!

My mother loves this photo, by the way, and loves that all of us are looking somewhere else.

“You all look so real,” she says; a great reminder of the purpose of photography.

“I love that each of your personalities come through.”

[She does not mean each of my personalities, for the smart alecs out there. Yes, I know who you are too.]

This was originally sent out November 26, 2013.

Enjoy, there will be more to follow…


Schedule resumes December 2 – any order in by 9AM Friday gets goodies shipped with their order! We need your orders a bit early if possible! Official deadline is still Friday at noon!

Part of the clan--the kiddos, Ryan, Marada, and Leah.

Part of the clan–the kiddos, Ryan, Marada, and Leah.

Good Evening!

I love holidays for the inevitable ill-posed photos that haunt my history, but the one above somewhat takes the cake. Any parent hopes for participation in holiday activities – from cooking to table manners, dog-walking to decorating…my crew apparently hopped on the task of turn-of-the-century style photographic stunts- no two family members looking in the same direction!

Not that I don’t love it. We took the picture above (Ivyn 4, Ryan, Arthur 2, myself (Marada), Eli 5, and my sister Leah, with the idea that we need more Crown O’Maine family photos and also that my mother needs them too. I like to think that by sending this one out, it may, just may, echo through the years of internet-archives to come to be free-associated with a glorious moment in Crown O’Maine history – the last month Crown O’Maine can ever be called strictly a ‘family business’.

I can hear your gasps of horror from here. Never fear, dear supporters, customers, curiosity readers (oh yes, I know who you are) – Crown O’Maine isn’t selling out to some large and frightening distributor with pre-recorded greetings and official Accounts Receivable staff – oh, no. That wouldn’t be our style. Way too conventional. In keeping with our dad’s personal mantra for the company as ‘Business as UNusual’, we are expanding our ownership base to include our other 3 full time staff people. Katrina. Louise. Maria. You know them, you love them, and soon, when you want to speak with one of the owners, well, you’ll always get an owner when you dial our number.

Like I said, Business As UN-usual. The next photo (I promise the rad-color scheming, too) will be of the new owners of Crown O’Maine. Leah, Marada, Maria, Katrina, Louise. Worker owners of our worker coop. And the best part is this: Who do we work for? You. And ourselves.

Order up to support the company that works the way you do. Unusually hard. Unusually passionately. Unusually innovative.

Always a pleasure working together,

Marada Cook


About crownofmainecoop

We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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