Dispatches from the Past: Stock up on your Thanksgiving items – the schedule WILL be modified Nov 25th-28th…

(Editor’s Note:  we resume our regularly backlogged catalog of past dispatches. This one includes an announcement of a major undertaking coming to fruition. The purchase and transition of Fiddler’s Green Farm from Allen and Laine in Belfast to our warehouse here in Vassalboro was a fun, complex, and encompassing series of task. Expect to read more about it in a separate post …

This dispatch was originally sent out November 14, 2013.



Red Kidney and Jacob’s Cattle Beans, Pumpkin Maple Butter, Sparrow Farm cranberry sauce, ORDER HEAVY FOR NEXT WEEK AS THE HOLIDAY WILL AFFECT OUR SCHEDULE THE WEEK FOLLOWING- baby head lettuce, sale on Gardiner Farm squash…

The Fiddler's Green Team--seasoned and new.

The Fiddler’s Green Team–seasoned and new. From left to right: Marada, Leah, Allen, Laine, and Robert.

Good Morning!

Things are always lively around here, with changes happening all over the place!

We have two big ones to focus on for this morning’s news:

1) The Thanksgiving Schedule. With the next hour we will finalize our schedule and routing around the holiday, which has crept up on us like a turkey across a state highway. Which is to say we ought to have seen that one coming. Look for the definitive answer around 11AM in regards to your routes. Some things are definite already: If you are a THURSDAY customer, be prepared to order heavy today and tomorrow for NEXT WEEK’S delivery, as there is no doubt we will not be delivering on Nov. 28th. If you are FRIDAY customer, this means you will have a ‘surprise!’ extra lucky opportunity to order for delivery on November 22nd – keep your eyes peeled for the December 6th and 13th verdicts.

If you are a WEDNESDAY customer, do us all a favor and order heavy this week for delivery on November 20th. What happens if your pie pumpkin misses the truck on the 27th, assuming we are running that day at all? Or we run late? Hedge your bets by getting your orders in strong for next week, and give us a lighter load in the weeks following.

2) The picture above illustrates an exciting happening that has been a year in the making. Allen and Laine of Fiddler’s Green Farm are selling their milling and mail order business to Leah and Marada, to be housed in our vintage mill building/warehouse here in Vassalboro. In the foreground of the picture is Robert Ericksen, our friend and newly appointed miller, who will manage the flow of daily operations. After the dust settles from our routing discussion, we will be sending out a fuller email about how this change will bring a broad array of baking and breakfast cereals, bulk grains, and gifts into the flow of item availability.

As always, we appreciate having YOU along our journey through Maine, its food, our business ventures, and stories. Never did I imagine the richness of this work, and it’s humbling to be a part of it.


Marada Cook

About crownofmainecoop

We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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