Dispatches from the Past: Order today & tomorrow -stock up! Last delivery before the holiday…Crown O’Maine is CLOSED the week of Christmas…‏

(Editor’s Note:  This originally went out December 12, 2013. –Leah)

10 (more) Holiday Items to Think About…

1. Beer kits
2. Cippolini onions
3. Joy to the Soymilk
4 . Medley colors baby spuds
5. Magic Mint Greener Cleener
6. Marinated goat feta from Tourmaline
7.  Horseradish from Marada’s garden
8. Gingered carrots from Thirty Acre Farm
9.  Green Bee Soda – who invited Pepsi, anyway?
10.  Maple’s gelato…cardamom ginger is my recommendation…

Marada's late-night art project.

Marada’s late-night art project.

Good Morning!

You’ll have to explore my recommendations above on your own this week, as I’ve too much news to elaborate (although you know Maria and I will elaborate all day long over the phone if you call in your order!).

First, we are CLOSED the week OF Christmas. That means order up, for real, double up on your usual items, cause Santa’s coming but more importantly Granny Kate (co-founder of Crown O’Maine and most forms of delivery magic). She has some serious holiday plans for my kids which in no way involves emergency deliveries of local food!

Second, we are so excited to share with you that together, last week, we reached Crown O’Maine’s annual sales goal for 2013 – $1.7 million! That’s an extraordinary growth over the last five years (from $380K in 2008) and guess what? We couldn’t have done it without you!

Third, that teaser above about horseradish from my family garden. I always forget to put it on the list. So much for a ‘direct line’. It’s here, $6/#. Order as many as you like and I’ll make my four-foot helpers pack it out with me. (Yes, COM DOES believe in elves, at least!). This year’s crop is truly gorgeous with thick, straight roots, sparkling clean. I keep trying to dig it all out and be done with it, but every year the crop gets nicer and larger. Wish I could say the same for the carrots.

Fourth, a reminder, ever so gently, that this is the time of year farmers buy seed and we try to tidy up our books to turn those checks around. Don’t be surprised to find straggling invoices in your inbox over the next couple weeks as we try to spruce up the helm to get ready for a busy new year. And for those who have sent checks already – THANK YOU!

Fifth, well, I was going to try for 5 golden rings, but I don’t go in for that level of glamour or gifting. As for all those hens, pears, maids a milking, geese, and such, well, you know where to find them. On the list, or on a farm near you!

Marada Cook

PS. I’m not giving up on the ‘Team Photo’ for COM!


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We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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