Dispatches from the Past: A resolution or two? Eat more Maine food – how hard can that be?‏

(Editor’s Note: Continuing to get us caught up, this was originally sent January 2, 2014. While the Songbird Farm cornmeal, burdock root, and black radishes are out, it won’t be long until the fresh vegetables coming piling back in, and everything else listed is still in full supply.



Resolution Booster Foods

1. Thirty Acre Farm krauts
2. MOM’s Organic Munchies (healthy snacks!)
3.  Songbird Farm cornmeal
4 . Cracked Oats from Maine Grains
5. Black Radishes
6. Burdock root for detox
7.  Eggs
8.  Carrot sticks from NG
9.  Vitamin Sea Whole Dulse Leaves
10.  Salad Spinach

Truck resolutions, 2014 ...

Truck resolutions, 2014 …

Good Morning!

You don’t have to tell me what your resolutions are…but I’m sure whatever you chose can be helped along by the foods we offer. Some years ago, we resolved never to offer foods that didn’t support a healthy life. We didn’t tie a lot of strings to that; we know some of you would prefer a world without meat, others despise soy, some can’t eat wheat. Though they are the Maine state dessert, I think we all would agree that whoopie pies are a treat best left off a list like ours.

Some foods, in particular, are good at helping you keep your resolutions. Kraut and kimchi can satisfy a hunger itch that otherwise calls for carbs, fat, and salt. Cheese, veggies, and Maine apples packed alongside your lunch (make sure to take something for your way home from work!) can keep you away from the office eating blues.

This time of year, the food we eat has everything to do with how we experience the winter. As with many of my emails, I’m far from a shining example. But as my kids grow, they look a bit like string beans – and those lean little bodies turning every incoming calorie into height and fun. They want to eat ALL the time. My job (haha) is to keep the veggies in front and whoopie pies somewhere else in their Maine universe.

In case you are wondering about the links at the top of the spreadsheet this week (the ones that typically bounce you into other sections of the list) – my computer is slow as maple sap at these temperatures today and wouldn’t complete that part of the weekly updating. Instead, it offers me a chance to remind readers to DOWNLOAD THE PDF from their browser to their desktop. This will allow some of you to open the bookmarks on the left that have every category of the list neatly laid out for your jumping around enjoyment. Some browsers do not let you open the bookmarks. Then you also don’t have to dig through your inbox to find the sheet again. (You know who you are!).

Marada Cook


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We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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