Dispatches from the Past: Meat of the matter, more discoveries from our stores and supplies, how do our food choices affect our friendships, anyway?‏

(Editor’s Note:

Sadly, that golden tomato vinaigrette mentioned, which was a perfect taste bud surprise–summer-in-winter–is now out until the sunshine season of fresh tomatoes. It was a great one, and I hope you got a dose of it before it was gone.

Tis’ the season for lamb, though, if you’re of a carnivorous nature. And if not, Lamb’s OTHER Lover Boxes are still available. Enjoy!

This dispatch originally went out on February 13, 2014.


The Big Dig 2014 continues…

1. Lamb Lovers’ Box from North Star Farm
2.  Golden Tomato Vinaigrette from Jordan’s Farm
3.  Rutabaga from Green Earth Gardens
4 . 5 gallon pails of diced tomatoes (let’s talk).
5. Nelson Family Farm Roasts (request the list – many types, 1-2 of each)
6.  Lamb shanks and kabobs have returned!

Ryan and Artie, enjoying winter.

Ryan and Artie, enjoying winter.

Good Morning!

Have you ever considered whether your relationships follow your eating criteria, or vice versa? That could be taken literally, as in, “I’d never date a meat-eater,” or a bit more figuratively, “I really need to know people/foods before I want them to be fixtures in my life.” A friend of mine recently said, “It’s just so hard to eat anything now because our standards are so high.” Considering food is a chief source of conviviality and gathering, our principles around eating may have unintended social consequences
-ask my mom about our ‘Food Purist’ phases some day.

This week we have a unique new offering – a ‘Lamb Lovers’ Box from North Star Farm. It contains the centerpiece cuts for 4 meals for 2 people, and considering the price of lamb by the pound is a pretty good deal. Recipes also included. Adding the box to the list sparked my sense of linguistic adventure – don’t vegetarians love lambs, too? So to please the vegetarian and texting crowds (no need to be both) I threw on an ‘LOL Box’ – ‘Lamb’s Other Lover’…with 4 locally made vegetarian staples that even my meat loving family enjoys.

As local food becomes more popular, more widely available, more prevalent throughout our food chain, we sometimes worry whether we will lose our sense of intimacy with craft products, individual farms or producers, or even the essence of the foods themselves (when was the last time you wandered through amber waves of grain?)…

In this midwinter season, I invite you to ‘meet your meat’ by which I am refering to the ‘meat of the matter’. We are digging a bit deeper here at COM, both in our product offerings and in the shaping of our company. We’re looking at our criteria for the food we offer and eat, and how that impacts our relationships with the people who produce them, purchase them, and consume them with us. Matter, matters, it turns out.




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