Dispatches from the Past: How hard must that fiddlehead work to unfurl?‏

(Editor’s Note: This originally went out on May 8, 2014. -Leah)

Great Growing!

How insignificant our effort beside that of a seed. 

Fresh ramps, from the cold North woods.

Fresh ramps, from the cold North woods.

Good Morning!

Right now, while you take your first glance through the day’s roster of emails, while your kids procrastinate getting their shoes on for the perfect just-in-time rush for the school bus, while you brew the tea or coffee in hope of a moment of peace this morning, there are wild things making a tremendous push towards daylight, life, and the sun.

It’s a deceptively quiet time of day considering the millions of growing things awaking – hungry – hatching, growing, swimming, singing, buzzing and unfurling with almost incomprehensible potential energy.

The last two emails have contained comments about the food system being (or not being) comprehensible. Today I’m reminded to dive down the other side of comprehensibility -to bow my head and listen to the unfurling of fiddleheads all across the state. With everything to be done to make the food system WORK, it sure is a healthy thing to remember how well living organisms already work, with or without my interference.

Put your orders together, cross your fingers for the arrival of wild things from our woods, and enjoy this morning with the thought of chloroplasts, not cars, rushing by you on their way to WORK!



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