Dispatches from the Past: Let the parade begin! Nettles, ramps, fiddleheads, chives, baby lettuce heads…‏

(Editor’s Note: I’m SO CLOSE to being caught up–should be there soon, which is good, since I have lots of other things to write and share with you.

This dispatch originally went out on May 15, 2014.


One by one our favorite foods return!  
Fiddleheads… microgreens… ramps… green onions… chives… baby head lettuce… nettles!

Beautiful microgreens from Village Farm.

Beautiful microgreens from Village Farm.

Good Morning!

I’ll keep it brief, in the interest of getting the list out in rapid fashion. This week the table turned – turned into something a LOT more lively. What is this guest at our local dinners? Choice? We have choices in green things?

It’s always fun to watch the unfolding of spring – particularly when you can eat it. For those of you adventurous chefs & cooks – try the sequencing of spring’s foods. This week I drove home around 9PM one night listening to classical music on NPR (I’m not really a classical music person otherwise I’d rattle off what I was listening to)…the treat was the sporadic bursts of peepers coming through the open windows. Orchestrated? Random?

Or just wild?

Order up! The season is upon us.


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We are Maine's most innovative little food distribution business. We get Maine foods from HERE to THERE, and not just in the most literal sense...
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