Who are we?

Leah Cook and her sister Marada Cook co-own and operate Crown O’ Maine Organic Cooperative, distributing Maine-grown, produced, and caught food throughout the state of Maine and into New Hampshire and Massachusetts. Crown O’ Maine’s goal is to work as intelligently and as intentionally as possible with farmers, producers, and consumers to craft into existence a more connected and nuanced food system and supply.

Leah is a 2006 graduate of Reed College, drove Crown O’ Maine’s trucks for two years for her father, and served two years in Suriname as a Peace Corps Volunteer, living and working upriver  in remote jungle communities as a community economic development advisor before returning home to Maine to rejoin Marada at the helm of Crown O’ Maine.

Photo credit: Lily Piel

               Leah and Marada.                 Photo credit: Lily Piel


She’s distributed lots of interesting foods, and eaten even stranger ones, from moose to anaconda, and fingerlings and fiddleheads to cassava cereal and piranha soup.

Marada is a graduate of Hampshire College, where she wrote a kick-ass Division III senior project on farmers in Aroostook. She’s worked and farmed and written in varied places, from Maine to New Zealand to California to Maine again, and is a pretty sharp cookie.

She’s got 3 amazing kids, The Prophet, The Tsar, and The King, ages 6, 4, and 2, and an astonishingly competent and handy partner, and a gypsy dog. If you see a redhead in a Volvo in the state of Maine, it’s probably her.

Leah, Marada, and Chris Hallweaver have started a second company, Northern Girl, LLC to process and package local vegetables and fruits in Aroostook County, Maine. The goal is to bring ‘Bounty from The County’ to the rest of Northern New England.

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